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About Unlimited Medical Diagnostics Labs, Inc

We Strive for Your Well-Being

Unlimited Medical Diagnostic Labs, Inc. is a state of the art independent toxicology laboratory located in Springfield, MA.

Establish and maintained by experts who understand the needs of clinicians and organizations using our services.
We are licensed under the guidelines of the federal government’s Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment (CLIA) and the MA Department of Public Health (DPH)

We provide professional efficient toxicology testing services to individual, business and recovery communities.

Unmatchable Attention

We meet the needs of our clients while remaining flexible to attend unique needs.

Higly Qualified Personnel

Knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated team. We take pride in our discretion and ethics.

Continued Dedication

We are committed to making a positive difference for the clinicians and organizations using our services

Convenient Patient Collection Center

To better serve you, we work during extensive hours - weekends and evenings


Our Goals:

Our goal is to offer fast, accurate and reliable results, pursuing excellence. We strive to work for your peace of mind, trust and confidentiality.

We want to expand the frontiers of our services and contribute to a greater extent with our patients, offering a comprehensive, humane treatment and the expertise of qualified personnel.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Complying with the necessary policies and procedures

Continually improving our attention and service

Optimizing patient outcomes and experiences.

Fast and reliable delivery of results through the most convenient channels